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 Alt_Img_Tate is an alternative way of looking at an art gallery's online image.
 It shows the gallery as writing that normally goes unnoticed.

 Alt_Img_Tate randomly searches the Tate Modern web site looking for "alt" tags.
 These are the texts that appear while a picture is loading or if the user has opted not
  to load graphics whilst browsing.

Alt_Img_Tate searches through the hundreds of web pages in the Tate site.
  It selects one and then selects a random "alt" tag. If no tag is found it will display "No_Alt_Tag".

 (If it cannot open a web page it displays "PLEASE_WAIT..." and tries again.)

  It shows a new tag every few seconds.

Alt Img Tate >>

(Alt_Img_Tate should open fullscreen when you click the link. To get back here,
use the cross in the corner to close. Or right click the icon in the 'tray' at the bottom of the screen and choose 'Close'. But you might have to 'alt ctrl delete' - or even (!) restart your computer).

Alt_Img_Tate uses some of HtmlImgAltTextExtract.pl by Andrew Hardwick, http://duramecho.com. Released under GNU Public Licence.