We have never been so public. At the same time we have never felt less secure.
There are 1412 (data valid July 2011) webcams in Norway.  Programmed for Piksel 2011, Bergen,
searches its data base of public webcams. Over these random images
it superimposes 
the names of International terrorists from the FBI's the Most Wanted list.

Norway::Security juxtaposes identified threats with unremarkable images of the ordinary.

  image grab norway

-->> Norway::Security

Norway::Security is free and open source software.
It uses Perl, JavaScript, and HTML. The sourcecode is here.

           please wait a few moments, it will be replaced.

(Note: work will not function with Internet Explorer. Suggest Mozilla/Firefox. Other browsers: untested).

Copyright The videos are likely to be copyrighted by whoever owns the cameras.
The images you see appear as fair use according to copyright law.

However, if images from your webcam appear here and you object to this,

notify in-vacua and they will be removed: vacua_ at _btinternet DOT com.