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 Aguila. Gallery view of The Most Wanted

   The Most Wanted  was shown at  El Aguila, Madrid,
    5th to 14th May 2008 as part of the Rencontres festival.

    (Also at Rencontres Paris 2007).

   ( Cams checked and updated Oct 2010)

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screengrab most wanted                                                        

    The Most Wanted selects continuous live JPG images from security cameras found on the Internet.
 Sequential updating every two seconds creates motion images.
 The image source is changed every fifteen seconds, on a random basis.
 The images are superimposed with texts. These comprise the names of the FBI’s most wanted terrorists.

  The work is intended to test the climate of anxiety around the issue of threat.
  It combines surveillance network cameras with data from global   

  intelligence sources.

  Its title nods in the direction of Andy Warhol’s 'Thirteen Most Wanted Men' (1964).

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Most Wanted