Hi, welcome to 'love2' interactive!

This is the working title of the simulated Manchester Mark 1 Emulator's Loveletters, the first electronically generated text.
Loveletters is a program from 1952 by Christopher Strachey that ran on the Manchester Mark 1 computer .
The Emulator is the creation of David Link.

'love2' was reverse-engineered by working back from the version that runs on David's website.
This was without having seen David's program, therefore any shortcomings are not his fault!

Automated versions are here and here.

There is an archive of saved user created Loveletters here
and the latest Loveletter is displayed here.

This is the interactive version. Below you will see the Loveletters template. Make a new letter template by reloading this page.
For some reason this does not display properly in I.E. Suggest you use Mozilla/Firefox.

Choose from the drop down bars. On the next page you will be able to sign your letter and save it.



                                        [You will be able to sign here].

[The next page displays the completed letter. You can sign and save it.]