Google Badwords   (Autobadness)

Google searches have a built-in autocomplete facility. If you enter a word, Google will offer search suggestions to save you time typing.

Some words Google will not auto-complete. There is a list of these, compiled originally by Jamie Dubs. He published them here. It has been suggested that Google practises a form of censorship because of its list of proscribed autocomplete words.

Google Badwords takes this word list and offers an alternative autocomplete service -- it offers only autocomplete suggestions from Google's banned word list. The result is almost always of a sexual nature.

Google Badwords defies Google's auto-censorship.

Enter a word into the searchbox. If you choose a suggestion and hit 'search', you will be taken to Google's search page. Your word will be pre-entered into their searchbox. It is up to you whether you choose to proceed to use Google's service to actually perform the search. This website is not responsible for the search results. (Note: Google Badwords does not breach Google's Terms of Service as it does not perform a Google search.)

 Google Badwords
Google Badwords has explicit content.

   Copyright matters:

Much of the JavaScript code and html are adapted or borrowed from:

*  Ajax Autocomplete for jQuery, version 1.2.7
*  (c) 2013 Tomas Kirda

*  Ajax Autocomplete for jQuery is freely distributable under the terms of an MIT-style license.
*  For details, see the web site:

Needless to say, Tomas Kirda is not responsible for the content of Google Badwords.

My zipped file of Google Badwords is here.
You are free to use it according to the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation.

This is if its use does not conflict with any copyright held by Tomas Kirda.