Status Update logo_wiki is working sometimes. I am no nolonger maintaining the software.

In September 07 Luke Munn at the Window Project in Auckland approached me to make an artwork
about political intervention in Wikipedia
, "the free encyclopedia".

Luke told me about some software (WikiScanner) by Virgil Griffith that tracks edits in Wikipedia.
It traces the IP addresses of  military, governmental and corporate users.
I ended up making several pieces of work, including logo_wiki.

logo_wiki looks for Big Brother editors of Wikipedia. It shows you the Wikipedia page with the edits.
It tells you who the editor is by replacing the Wikipedia logo with the editor's logo.

Some press, images, and history here. A short film  

Tech: due to a glitch in Internet Explorer, logo_wiki should be viewed in Mozilla/Firefox

>> logo_wiki

Please give the software time to load. It's checking hundreds of edits.
It checks again for updates every few seconds and chooses a new random recent edit .
So, please wait a few moments to see what it finds.
It may choose the same one more than once.

There may be no recent edits, particularly nightimes/weekends in the Western hemisphere.
It all depends on editor activity.

(If Wikipedia is down, logo_wiki won't  run.)

A selected list of Wikipedia's shadowy editors:

Department of Veterans Affairs
Department of Homeland Security
U.S. House of  Representatives
The Boeing Company
General Motors Corporation
U.S. Department of Defence
Australian Department of Defence
HKSAR Government
Exxon Mobil Corporation
Johnson and Johnson
General Electric Company
Goldman Sachs
Wells Fargo

Deutsche Bank
U.S. Air Force 
Bank of America 
Raytheon Company
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Performance Systems International Inc.
Shell Oil 
UK Cabinet Office Intranet
UK Parliament
Merrill Lynch
Royal Bank of Scotland
Bank of New York Mellon
Morgan Stanley Group
  (Criterion: more than 500 edits each to get in the list. The list will be added to over time)

It has been found that government, corporate, and military users have edited pages on Wikipedia.
Some may feel this is in contradiction to Wikipedia's fundamental neutrality policy.  This issue has
been a major political controversy in Australia.

logo_wiki shows you shadowy editors at work in real time.
It is because it is in real time that occasionaly there may be no new edits or few edits.


Thanks: Luke Munn at the Window Project.

Acknowledgement: Wikiscanner by Virgil Griffith for good example and statistics. (Read about it here.)

Credit: All logo images are courtesy of Picsearch.
             Wayne Clements


* Wikipedia often seem to change their page format and this may stop logo_wiki finding its suspects...