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un_wiki gets quotes from Wikipedia's (the "free" encyclopedia) Deletion Logs.
The Deletion Log is a list of all the pages that have abused Wikipedia's democratic remit; it is the last stop on the way to destruction.
The Log can contain fragments of the offending user-created texts.
un_wiki is a Perl script that finds these texts and throws away the rest.

Until 2008 entries in the Deletion Log of the English language Wikipedia ('en.wikipedia') looked like this:

Update Aug 2009

Early in 2008 en.wikipedia removed the above sort of material and replaced it with standard notices written by Wikipedia sysops (or 'bureaucrats').

un_wiki was  re-released in 2008 to accomodate this change. Instead of using  en.wikipedia, presently it translates material from Wikipedias in several languages (very badly) into English using online translators. It's very possible that these Wikipedias too will follow the lead of en.wikipedia one day. If so, un_wiki may cease to be.

In Aug 2009 I updated the program and at the time of writing it is working. If you find that un_wiki is not producing its texts,
please email me at vacua_a T_btinternet[do t]com....

              Disclaimer: un_wiki can, like its earlier incarnations, contain offensive material for which in-vacua.com disclaims all responsibility.

                                                   >> un_wiki Update 2013: un_wiki is nolonger working. Ah!

A Short History of un_wiki:

un_wiki, like all good software art, was conceived in a bedroom (in early 2006).
It was accepted by the runme.org and Rhizome software art repositories. Thereafter, it began a life of its own.

First it was included in RADICAL SOFTWARE, an exhibition curated by Domenico Quaranta, March 2006.
Then it won the Award of Distinction at Ars Electronica (2006).
It was also in FILE International Language Festival (2006), Brazil.
Then it was off to Japan, where it was exhibited in a Japanese language version at the ICC gallery in Tokyo (2006).

unwiki_es, a Spanish language version appeared at Espacio Movistar, Barcelona June 08, in 'Digital Words'.
It also featured
in 'Art Tech Media', Cordoba, November 08.

copyright KIOKU Keizo 2006

Image: un_wiki (Japanese version)
Wayne Clements
Connecting Worlds at NTT InterCommunications Center

photo by KIOKU Keizo