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 Software Art 

This page has links to some of my video work.

This was made for After the Net, a series of exhibitions curated by Geoff Cox and Joasia Krysa.

It  is a setting of an edited text by the cyberneticist Gordon Pask. The text envisages the year 2000 when technology will have transformed the way we live.

It is also to be found on the Documenta website in a Flash version, here.

This documents the use of a piece of software that detects the activity of military, political and corporate bodies editing Wikipedia in real time. The film was included in After the Net (2.0), Plymouth,12th September to 23rd October 2009.

VALE was created for the Digital Poetry and Dance event, Jan 31st 2015, at the Electronic Poetry Center (EPC).

There are two versions:

  1. b/w with sound
  2. colour without sound

The colour version was chosen by the EPC.