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 Software Art 

Texts Online:

Always Follow the Instructions: Rules and Rule Following in Visual Art (2005)
Uploaded 2015. My Phd thesis on text machines from 2005 at Chelsea College of Art and Design.

Markov Chain Algorithms* (2004)
(I wrote this in 2004. It was to work out what they were about).

Computer Poetry's Neglected Debut* (2004)(Originally published by CHArt,
the Computers and the History of Art group).

Erratic Structures*
(An email dialogue with a well-known Professor of linguistics).

A Pessimistic Mechanics?*
(First published in Crimes of Futility No. 7:
The ArtistMachine
, Wild Pansy Press, ISBN 1900687 22 4, Exhibition catalogue essay, 2006, for Simon Lewandowski).

Art, War, and Cambridge Cybernetics (2007)(Not on this website. Published by MediaArtHistoriesArchive).

An Eternal Engine*

(Revised 2008 text of a presentation at New Network Theory june.07).

Surveillance and the art of software_maintenance*

(Part of this essay was originally published as: Surveillance and The Art of Software Maintenance: Remarks on logo_wiki,
in ‘Observatori 2008. After the Future’. Valencia, Observatori.com).

Art and Software Entropy* (2009)(Originally published by CHArt,
the Computers and the History of Art group). First published 2013.

The return of what has been forgotten Ian Hamilton Finlay: Revolution and Poetry*.
(2012)(Originally published by Birkbeck)

Poetry Beyond the Turing Test
(2016)(Not on this website. Published by Electronic Visualisation and the Arts (EVA 2016))

* Essays published on this website are copylefted according to the GNU General Public License